by the phoenix cube

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written and recorded in 17 days as part of an on-line project


released November 17, 2013

all tunes by the phoenix cube



all rights reserved


apple tree lament Leominster, UK

apple tree lament is a micro label to allow me to release music i make on my own, with friends, under a variety of names. Music ranges from space/punk, ambient electronics, more upbeat electronica, drone, folk and psych.

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Track Name: never pat a tiger
i knew that lady when she had ten fingers
she was a friend of mine
i knew that lady when she had ten fingers
now she only has nine
8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

one day she went to the zoo
it was a fine day
she wanted something to do repreat

but she leaned too far into the cage
put that tiger into a rage

never pat a tiger
if you want ten fingers repeat

now she can't play piano
that jumper will never get done
and her days playing snooker are over

ad lib
Track Name: lazy daze
all those summer days
lazy sunshine haze
that i spent with you
all those summer nights
scent of camomille
dancing close to you

never tire of you
all the things you do
make me feel alive
always be with you
oh my love is true
you make me feel alive

days spent by the sea
only you and me
time is frozen by the sun
dive into blankets warm
yours is the perfect form
sunshine in your smile

chorus x 2
Track Name: sugar is sweet
oh the lemon shark swims
through warm custard seas
past sponge islands
and gets home for tea
the strawberry bird
sits on lollipops gold
eats sugar mice
and never grows old

oh sugar is sweet
but you are much sweeter
honey is neat
but you are much neater
lets go hand in hand
lets go hand in hand
lets go hand in hand
and walk through this land

the blueberry worm
he squiggles and squirms
passing through
sweet chocolate soil
and the lemonade bug
gives you a hug
drifting by
on liquorice thread

Track Name: when it rains
when it rains
i sing a song
you can sing along
put up your umbrella bay

when it rains
come along
jump in puddles baby
sing our song

when it rains
come outside
run through meadows baby
so good to be alive

repeat firsrt verse x 2
Track Name: when i fall asleep in your arms
when i fall asleep in your arms
a peace descends on me
listen to your breathing
nothing to do but be with you